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Our mission is to provide every cancer patient with high-quality care regardless of their ability to pay

City of Smile Charitable Foundation (CSF) was established in December 2014 and consists of internationally recognized medical, business, and community leaders as well as parents of children with cancer.


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Our Goals

The primary goal of the charity is to establish the first, comprehensive, non-profit, national cancer treatment and research center in Armenia.

The Need

To name some of the main challenges in cancer care in Armenia:
• Access of care: The resources invested in oncology are so scarce, that most of patients remain without appropriate treatment. Majority of patients need to pay for their treatment out-of-pocket, which is a huge problem. Because of lack or limited availability of anticancer drugs, It is not possible to deliver the most advanced and new treatment in Armenia.
• Late cancer diagnosis due to low awareness about early cancer signs, limited screening programs, gaps in diagnostics, psychological and financial issues (many patients, even after noticing early signs, tend to visit doctors at the last, because of the fear of cancer and also fear of not having enough financial resources to cover diagnosis and treatment).
• Limited cancer care infrastructure: available few treatment facilities in Armenia are quite limited in their capacities, with outdated medical equipment, diagnostic and treatment types are scarce or some of them are not available (no bone marrow transplantation, no possibility to deliver some essential high-dose chemotherapy drugs as MTX, etc.).
• Fragmented care: Available cancer care in Armenia is fragmented, and for receiving the necessary treatment patients need to circulate between different hospitals and facilities and sometimes even go abroad. Hundreds of patients every year travel abroad to receive treatment, most of those patients pay out-of-pocket, or sometimes through public fundraising or with the help of few charitable organizations.

Yearly, there are 9000 newly diagnosed adult and pediatric cancer cases in Armenia, and this number is increasing by 3-4% every year. This statistics represent only partial picture and comes from the reports of few cancer treatment facilities (there is no centralized national cancer registry), however, many people even don’t apply for medical care because of lack of financial resources.
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Board of Trustees

Robert Agaverdian

Robert Agaverdian Glendale, CA, USA

Avo Artinian Houston, TX, USA

Raffi Avedian Stanford, CA, USA

Samuel Badalyan Syracuse, NY, USA

Anahit Barseghyan Yerevan, Armenia

Agop Bedikian Houston, TX, USA

George Bikhazi Beirut, Lebanon

Samvel Danielyan Yerevan, Armenia

Roupen Dekmezian Houston, TX, USA

Lawrence Faulkner Florence, Italy

Christl Frisch

Christl Frisch Zurich, Switzerland

Lowell Inhorn Roanoke, VA, USA

Yelena Janjighian New York, NY, USA

Leo Kager Vienna, Austria

Hagop Kantarjian Houston, TX, USA

Dikran Kazandjian Washington, DC, USA

Milen Minkov Vienna, Austria

Maro Ohanian Houston, TX, USA

Ching-Tien Peng Taichung, Taiwan

Armen Piruzyan Yerevan, Armenia

Giuseppe Saglio Turin, Italy

Agnessa Sargsyan Moscow, Russia

Tamara Sarkisyan Yerevan, Armenia

Michael Sarian Los Angeles, CA, USA

Davit Zohrabyan Yerevan, Armenia

Ara Vaporciyan Houston, TX, USA

Executive Team

Words of Hope

  • You will make it HAPPEN!

    Prof. Carlos Rodriguez-Galindo (USA)
  • ...this is a very ambitious plan and I think it's great! In that part of the world there is no health care institution, that I am aware of, which combines excellence, research & development with socially responsible principles

    Dr. Lawrence Faulkner (Italy)
  • I am truly honored and look forward to be involved with such a great humanitarian project...

    Prof. George Bikhazi (Lebanon)

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Samvel Danielyan, MD, PhD
+1 818 966 2280, danielsamvel@yahoo.com

In Russia
Agnessa Sargsyan
+7 925 809-70-26, agnessa.sargsyan@gmail.com

In Armenia, Europe and Asia
Gevorg Tamamyan, MD, MSc
+374 91 80 67 09, gevorgtamamyan@gmail.com

Lilit Sargsyan, MD
+374 60 62 15 36, salilita@rambler.ru

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